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The Flower Trying to Bloom In Snow

The Words Won't Come

Rose In Winter
4 September 1982
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  • lassarina.aoibhell@gmail.com
Well, this is just a little writing journal where I post snippets of things I have written. If you want to know more about who I actually am, check my real journal over at lassarina.

Warnings/Ratings Policy: I always warn for spoilers, consent issues of any kind, kink-related content, violence, language, and sexual content of any kind. I do not warn for character death. However, most stories that are not addressing canonical character death will carry a violence label with an R rating. Warnings that are spoilers for the canon will go under a cut, labeled as such.

The fiction runs the gamut of relationship types - I write gen, het, femmeslash, and slash. I write for several fandoms and many ratings, and I'm usually a multishipper.

You can check out my Fic Archive to see fics classified by fandom with short summaries, or just go look at the journal itself to read through whatever you find. All the archive posts can be found collected here, as they are all backdated to November 1, 2001. You can also view a list of my fic claims, both past and present. If you'd like to sort things by type, check out the tags. These will show the 100 most recent entries of a particular type; for other things of that nature, check out the archives.

Some fandoms I am currently active in:
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy XII
Lost Odyssey
Persona 3
Persona 4

A few of my favourite pairings and characters (to read or write) are:
Kain Highwind
Seifer Almasy
General Beatrix

I'm sure there are others that I'll add as I shuffle my way through my fandoms.

If you see something you like, please critique! I love constructive criticism, reviews, and general squee-ness. :D